About Hromets Poligrafija

Outstanding quality

“Hromets poligrafija” is global European level printing service joining more than 120 material suppliers and manufacturers.  Main office is located in Latvia, which is the strategic gateway between Scandinavia and EU.

Customers’ benefits

The customers using our services recognize that they benefit more from printed promotion than it was when collaborating with other printing companies. Read more to find out why cooperation with Hromets Poligrafija is so beneficial!

Quality is our priority

Having focus on customer service quality improvements. Hromets Poligrafija has registered its trade mark Uzticība kvalitātei® (Commitment to Quality) in 2008.

Hromets Poligrafija today

Hromets Poligrafija Ltd was established in 1998 as one of the Hromets Group companies. Today Hromets Poligrafija is a publishing company collaborating with market leaders in the pharmaceutics, food trade, construction and many other areas – please see Section .

Our goal

The mission of Hromets Poligrafija is to minimise the proportion of poor quality promotion materials in Europe and ensure that their customers’ printed promotion works the  most effective. With high responsibility and concern for customers’ development, we are keen on working with any size business and offer a complete range of services: from the idea to finished products delivered to the client’s office.