• We offer wide variety of different envelope shapes, sizes, materials, printing and post production technologies.
  • Also need a design? We will develop visually tasteful, technically accurate and print ready envelope design that will be in line with Your company’s guidelines.
  • None of the standard solutions work for You? Don’t worry – contact enivo consultant and we will help You to carry out even the most daring envelope project.

envelope printing and production

envelopes – what are they?

Envelopes are made of paper, cardboard or film. They are designed for sending flat objects (books, photographs, cards, etc.) or documents (contracts, invoices, forms, etc.). The envelopes are usually rectangular with a flap that can be sealed or wax-sealed. There are so many types of envelopes nowadays, you’ll have no problem finding the one that suits your needs.

Even though communication is increasingly digital and documents are signed electronically, envelopes have not lost their relevance. It is much nicer to receive a printed greeting card than just a digital image. There are many people who prefer a tangible way of exchanging information – both documents and sentimental items (photos, greetings, invitations). There is a wide range of envelopes:

  • classic envelopes that we receive in our letterbox, with and without a box – Postfix, Postac, PostSec
  • envelopes made of colorful designer paper with embossing, glitter, etc.
  • padded or cardboard envelopes used for sending a variety of easily deformable articles
  • flexible film envelopes for the dispatch of items that are difficult to deform (mainly clothes)
  • individual envelopes  made to the customer’s exact wishes, requirements and guidelines

standard envelopes

The most popular type of everyday envelope. No business can operate without sending correspondence and standard envelopes are still the most popular tool for this type of communication. Most companies order envelopes printed with their details (mainly logo and address), as this gives the impression of a stable company.

The most popular standard envelope brands are Postfix, Postac and PostSec (usually seen on the sealing strip or inside the envelope). Standard envelopes are available with or without a window (marked with an E) (marked with a C). We are used to standard envelopes having a special adhesive strip that makes it easy to seal without additional wetting. It is important to know that standard envelopes marked C have internationally accepted dimensions (ISO 269) which will be the same in any part of the world, e.g.:

  • C6 (162 x 114 mm) – for A6 card or double-folded A4 sheet
  • DL (220 x 110 mm) – for folded A4 sheet with two parallel folds
  • C65 (229 x 114 mm) – business size, designed for folded A4 sheet with two parallel folds
  • C5 (229 x 162 mm) – A4 sheet folded in half
  • C4 (324 x 229 mm) – for A4 unfolded sheets, intended primarily for the transmission of various documents and contracts

design envelopes

Christmas or a birthday? Yes, in these (and other) cases, companies usually use envelopes made of designer paper instead of plain white envelopes. Situations like these and others like it are special. Something that doesn’t happen every day, and that’s why it’s important to highlight every situation. So that routine doesn’t take over. Some of the most exclusive companies even use designer envelopes in their everyday communications. Want your message to be noticed? Use a designer envelope.

The designer envelopes are made using industrially dyed paper of different thicknesses and embossing. There are many variations of designer envelopes, most of which are thicker than normal envelopes. Although much of our communication today is via e-mail, it is especially nice to receive something tangible that you can touch and then put on a shelf or in a drawer.

Designer envelopes are usually screen-printed, as this printing technology (unlike office printers, which can only print standard envelopes) allows you to print on almost any envelope. Screen printing also allows envelopes to be printed with special inks that are technically not possible with office printers – gold, silver, pantones and transparent.

custom envelopes

What works for everyone may not work for you. We also periodically carry out various projects that require completely individual design, materials and printing. The reasons for producing such custom envelopes can vary, but the most popular are:

  • your company’s envelope design is so unique that it is technically impossible to print it on a ready-made envelope
  • you may need to send an item of a very specific size or shape
  • you want to prominently and informatively package your company’s offer, product or service
  • you need extra protection against moisture and shocks

envelopes – comments, tips and recommendations

To make it easier for you to produce standard, designer or personalised envelopes, we’ve gathered answers to the most popular questions, as well as some professional tips:

  • standard envelopes are usually printed in pantones if the number of colors is 3 or less, as this is cheaper and more in line with the guidelines
  • one standard box usually contains 1000 pieces classic C65, E65, DL and C5 envelopes or 500 pcs. C4 and E4 size
  • printing on the back of envelopes on the flap is counted as separate printing on the back, as the envelopes are produced and printed while closed
  • offset envelopes are printed with U (Uncoated) pantones, which are usually quite different in color from C (Coated) pantones, so this should be taken into account in both the design of the envelope and the corporate guidelines
  • if the design of the finished envelope print is saturated with colors, it will be reflected on the next envelope
  • for individually made envelopes, the adhesive strip is a double-sided adhesive tape. It is not possible to have the same elegant adhesive strip as for pre-fabricated envelopes
  • offset and digital printing are only possible on envelopes made of light-colored paper. Screen printing – almost any color and shape

envelope printing and production with enivo

enivo has constant experience in the execution of various envelope design, printing and production projects since 2007. What are Your benefits:

  • well-thought-out design – Your envelope design will be developed by professional designers with many years of experience
  • personal project manager – each of Your projects will be successfully executed from A to Z
  • quality – forms are printed using industrially mixed pantones to achieve accurate color representation
  • cost-effectiveness – the price per one professionally printed envelope will be lower than printing it on office equipment
  • efficiency – we can personalize envelopes for You, so that Your colleagues do not have to waste time on it and can focus on their job
  • variety – You have access to a wide range of envelope models, materials, print and post production technologies
  • individual approach – we will consult and offer only the most suitable solutions for Your envelope project
  • long-term planning – we never delete project files. You will always be able to conveniently place and approve new order quickly
  • free delivery – to your doorstep in the whole of Latvia, or paid delivery anywhere else

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On working days from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m

Address: Pērnavas iela 42, Rīga, LV-1009, Latvia
(easy entrance to the parking lot from Vārnu iela 22)

Phone: +371 67 278 992, +371 20 159 890

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