TOP desk calendars

Currently, enivo offers 48 standard desk calendar models, but their number is constantly being supplemented with new, technically and visually unique models. They are mainly wooden table calendar models, as the demand for them is constantly increasing, and customers are constantly wanting something new. Apart from the large number of completely custom desk calendars that […]

we do not offer calendar “substitutes”!

the feeling of receiving a calendar “substitute” How would your client feel if the received calendar contained his name day with a typo, on the wrong date, or not at all? How would it feel to have your plans disrupted just because the calendar doesn’t mark which working days are rescheduled? calendar “substitutes” within a […]

the first IQVIA certified agency in the Baltics

Founded in 1982, IQVIA is an American company serving the health information technology and clinical research industries. IQVIA is the largest healthcare data science company in the world. Since 2021 enivo is the first Baltic certified IQVIA marketing agency. This news means that if your company uses the IQVIA platform or plans to use it […]

Video Surprise

Video is a valuable advertising tool because it keeps viewers’ attention longer. That is why, if you choose to create greetings, advertisements, content for social networks in video format, you will get more audience response. What tends to discourage you from creating video content? Fear of performing in front of the camera, a significant budget […]

Video Call/Conference from Home – 5 Mistakes that Ruin a Professional Impression

Today, when a large number of people work in self-isolation from home during the pandemic, video calling and video conferencing solutions are a real salvation, which, despite the distance between the participants of the conversation, creates a sense of presence. Below we have collected the 5 most popular mistakes that can ruin a video call […]