TOP desk calendars

Currently, enivo offers 48 standard desk calendar models, but their number is constantly being supplemented with new, technically and visually unique models. They are mainly wooden table calendar models, as the demand for them is constantly increasing, and customers are constantly wanting something new.

Apart from the large number of completely custom desk calendars that are made exactly according to the customer’s guidelines, the demand for standard models remains high. Currently, the most popular models among customers are:

TWIN POPULAR – the most classic and most popular desk calendar, which is highly functional. For this model, an individual design is being developed for the rigid cardboard base, but the calendar part remains standard. Some clients choose to develop multiple designs, one for each affiliate or brand.

TWIN COMPACT POPULAR – version of the table calendar when there is not much free space on the table. This calendar model is distinctly compact, cheaper, but still with an individual design base. Its main advantages are ease of use and small size. For added effect, customers tend to print the inside of the base as well.

WOOD SHELF PREMIUM – the most popular desk calendar model of the eco series. A completely individual design is being developed for both the base and the calendar part. The well-thought-out design makes this model extremely environmentally friendly, as it does not have a spiral or any other attachment. It is also possible to use the wooden base for several years, changing only the calendar part, which allows you to save.

SLIM BLACK PREMIUM – the most compact enivo table calendar model, when there is no space on the table at all. Its vertical design will find a place on any table without losing functionality. A completely individual design allows you to implement the safest ideas, but the stable base will keep them in sight all year round.