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  • We will quickly and profitably print cardboard folders and registers of any type, shape and size.
  • Need a design and layout? We will develop a tasteful, technically accurate design of cardboard folders that meets your company’s guidelines, as well as prepare it for printing.
  • None of the standard solutions? Everything is fine – contact an enivo customer consultant and we will help you realize even the safest cardboard folder project.

cardboard folders for companies

folders - what are they?

Folders are designed to move multiple documents at once. Folders are used in offices in daily work (documents), at exhibitions (advertising materials for customers and cooperation partners), in stores (register folders with product offers) and in various other projects. Folders are the most convenient way to carry documents and they are more practical than ordinary plastic pockets. Folders bring some order to both the chaotic daily life of the office and work with clients. It is pleasant to receive an offer or a document in an elegantly designed folder. Importantly, cardboard folders can be printed not only on the outside, but also on the inside, thus making full use of the potential of this printed advertising material. The most daring companies use design paper instead of cardboard – for added prestige.

cardboard folders

The most popular type of folder that we come across on a daily basis. Documents, contracts, insurance policies – these and other similar documents are usually placed directly in a cardboard folder or pocket. Depending on the type and thickness of the documents, there are 4 most popular types of cardboard folders:

  • cardboard caps – mainly used for contracts, especially insurance. They are usually rectangular in shape with semi-circles cut out so that the contract can be stapled to it
  • classic cardboard folders with an open top – used every day when the amount of materials to be placed is minimal and mostly in standard A4 size
  • completely closed cardboard folders – when the amount of material to be inserted is more than a few pages and maybe not only in A4 size. This type of folder will prevent the inserted material from falling out
  • completely closed cardboard folders with a rubber or magnetic closure – when you need to put a lot of information, which is usually in different sizes. An additional magnet or rubber closure will prevent the folder from opening on its own due to the large volume of materials

registry folders

The most durable type of folder, made of glued 2 mm cardboard, which is then laminated. Folders that can hold the largest amount of information and are designed for intensive daily use. Companies choose this type of folder for printing product catalogs, because it is convenient to change the inner pages in them, and they will last a very long time even with intensive use. Metal corners can be embedded for additional protection. In more exclusive situations (guest book, menu, etc.) register folders are made of artificial or genuine leather.

The size of the spine of the register folder is determined by the thickness of the material to be placed in it. Two types of mechanisms are distinguished – a pusher mechanism or a ring (mainly D-shaped) type mechanism:

Pusher mechanisms:

  • material thickness ~ 35 mm = spine 60 mm
  • material thickness ~ 55 mm = spine 80 mm
  • material thickness ~ 65 mm = spine 90 mm
  • material thickness ~ 75 mm = spine 100 mm

D-ring mechanisms:

  • material thickness ~ 16 mm = spine ~ 36 mm
  • material thickness ~ 20 mm = spine ~ 40 mm
  • material thickness ~ 25 mm = spine ~ 45 mm
  • material thickness ~ 30 mm = spine ~ 50 mm
  • material thickness ~ 35 mm = spine ~ 55 mm
  • material thickness ~ 40 mm = spine ~ 60 mm
  • material thickness ~ 45 mm = spine ~ 65 mm
  • material thickness ~ 50 mm = spine ~ 70 mm
  • material thickness ~ 55 mm = spine ~ 75 mm

plastic pockets

An exclusive product that performs the function of a folder. These pockets can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, but are usually A4 size pockets with a half-moon cutout for the finger. It is not possible to print a full-color design, but only pantones without color transitions and hot stamping with foil. The main advantage is that these pockets are moisture-resistant, so they are used not only for carrying documents, but also for storing various goods or instructions and for daily use.

Several materials and colors are available, but glossy plastic with a thickness of 140 microns, or matte – 170 microns, is commonly used. Production is about a month as the pockets are made from scratch rather than printed ready made.

cardboard folders - comments, tips & tricks

To make it easier for you to make cardboard folders, we have collected answers to the most popular questions, as well as prepared some professional recommendations:

  • the type, shape and size of the cardboard folder is selected based on the amount of material to be placed in it
  • it is possible to add various additional elements to cardboard folders, for example – transparent film pocket for business cards, pen holder, paper envelope, presser, ring or archiving mechanism
  • cardboard folders can be delivered both folded and in sheets (takes up little space)
  • if cardboard folders are used frequently, we recommend using a glossy or anti-scratch laminate coating for dark designs
  • various additional post-processing methods are available for cardboard folders – foil, embossing, UV varnishing, lamination, gluing, individual shape, etc.
  • register folders should have external overhangs of an extra 15mm as the paper wraps around the cardboard before gluing. The inside is 3 mm smaller

production and printing of cardboard folders at enivo

enivo has regular experience in the realization of various cardboard folder design and printing projects since year 2007. What it means for you:

  • well-thought-out design – Your cardboard folder design will be developed by professional designers with many years of experience
  • personal project manager – each of Your cardboard folder projects will be successfully implemented from A to Z
  • quality – we use only the highest quality cardboard available on the market to make cardboard folders
  • cost-effectiveness – when printing in larger quantities, the price per unit will be similar or lower than standard cardboard folders available in bookstores
  • efficiency – making design changes will be easy, because folder design files are made in a way, which makes this process very simple
  • diversity – You have access to a wide range of folder shapes, materials, print and post production technologies
  • individual approach – we will consult and offer only the most suitable solutions for Your folder project
  • long-term planning – we never delete project files. You will always be able to conveniently place and approve new order quickly
  • free delivery to your door in Latvia

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On working days from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m

Address: Pērnavas iela 42, Rīga, LV-1009, Latvia
(easy entrance to the parking lot from Vārnu iela 22)

Phone: +371 67 278 992, +371 20 159 890


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