• We offer wide variety of different panel shapes, sizes, materials, printing and post production technologies.
  • Also need a design? We will develop visually tasteful, technically accurate and print ready panel design that will be in line with Your company’s guidelines.
  • None of the standard solutions work for You? Don’t worry – contact enivo consultant and we will help You to carry out even the most daring panel project.

panel printing and production

panels – what are they?

panels are the ideal advertising material. Their use in environmental advertising is limited only by the imagination, as the range of materials and printing technologies available allows for the most daring ideas. Most often, panels are made or printed on:

  • various types of indoor and outdoor signage
  • exhibition and trade stands
  • menus, drawings and photographs

The most important panel materials are also used in construction  ceiling and wall finishing, filling in openings, furniture production, interior design, etc.

the most popular types of panel material

Panels can be made from a variety of materials – foam board (very light, but easily deformable), foam plastic, corrugated board, cellular and regular polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, toughened glass, etc. – but are usually used for construction or individual hobby projects. These 3 are the most popular in the advertising industry:

  • foamed plastic – made of rigid but light PVC foam, matt (good ink adhesion that does not come off even when scratched) and resistant to external environmental influences (rain, wind, frost, UV rays). Foamed plastic is easy to process – shape, cut and drill – making it a popular material in the advertising industry for a wide range of stands
  • aluminum composite – made of two aluminum sheets bonded together with a polyethylene core. A lightweight but strong and durable material with many good properties. The material is used not only for signs and billboards, but also for cladding and building facades. Aluminum composite is also available in silver, gold and other colors
  • plexiglas (acrylic) – a tough, transparent, milky-white or colored plastic made of polymethyl methacrylate, also used as an alternative to glass (17 times stronger). UV-resistant, ideal for outdoor use. Plexiglass is used in the advertising industry for a wide range of billboards, signs and light boxes because it is easy to work with

panels – comments, tips and recommendations

To help you print and produce your panels, we’ve compiled answers to the most popular questions and some professional recommendations:

  • the choice of material for the panel is based on its application
  • the panel can be mounted either on a frame or straight on the wall
  • the placement of the billboard must be coordinated not only with the owner of the building, but also with the relevant municipal authority (in Riga this is the Riga City Construction Authority), because if it is an advertisement, the advertising tax will have to be paid
  • if the panel material is not white, this should be taken into account when designing – whether white under-printing will be required
  • if you plan to hang the panel from the ceiling, we recommend choosing a rigid but lightweight material such as Stadur Easy Print 10 mm
  • plexiglas panels are mainly fixed to the wall with spacers, so these must be incorporated in the design
  • if the sign is very large, it will be made in several parts, as the material is produced in limited sizes (mostly sheets of about 2 x 3 meters)

panel printing and production with enivo

enivo has constant experience in the execution of various panel design, printing and production projects since 2007. What are Your benefits:

  • well-thought-out design – Your panel design will be developed by professional designers with many years of experience
  • personal project manager – each of Your panel projects will be successfully executed from A to Z
  • quality – we use only the most appropriate materials and printing technologies for each panel project to ensure maximum quality
  • cost-effectiveness – when printing multiple panel designs, the price per unit will be lower than when printing just one design
  • efficiency – making design changes will be easy, because panel design files are made in a way, which makes this process very simple
  • variety – You have access to a wide range of panel materials, print and post production technologies
  • individual approach – we will consult and offer only the most suitable solutions for Your panel project
  • long-term planning – we never delete project files. You will always be able to conveniently place and approve new order quickly
  • free delivery – to your doorstep in the whole of Latvia, or paid delivery anywhere else

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On working days from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m

Address: Pērnavas iela 42, Rīga, LV-1009, Latvia
(easy entrance to the parking lot from Vārnu iela 22)

Phone: +371 67 278 992, +371 20 159 890


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