• We will quickly and profitably print flags of any type, size and shape.
  • Do you also need a design and layout? We will develop a tasteful, technically accurate flag design that meets your company’s guidelines, as well as prepare it for printing.
  • None of the standard solutions? Everything is fine – contact an enivo customer consultant and we will help you realize even the safest flag project.

making flags for companies

flags – what are they?

Flags are passive attention grabbing advertising material. This means that a person pays attention to it unconsciously. Of course, if the flags are visible everyday, this effect disappears, so it is recommended to use them only on special occasions, events or promotions.

When planning the production of the flag, it is necessary to take into account the purpose for which it will be used and what will be the main focus of the design – logo, slogan, brand or name of the event. Knowing this, you can choose the most suitable flag type (classic pole or mast, beach, paper, table, pennants, flag strings, etc.) and size. Flags are irreplaceable at events such as sports games, competitions or the opening of a new store.

Mostly thin, light and fluttering fabric is used in the production of flags. If one-sided printing is chosen for the flag, then it should be expected that the image on the other side of the flag will be slightly dimmer and in a mirror image. Double-sided printing is also possible, but then thick materials are used and such flags will not flutter due to their weight.

flags – comments, tips and recommendations

To make it easier for you to make flags, we have collected answers to the most popular questions, as well as prepared some professional recommendations:

  • the proportions of the national flag of Latvia are determined by legislation – the ratio of red and white stripes – 2:1:2, the ratio of width and length – 1:2.
  • the most commonly used flag sizes are 150 x 75 cm (at building facades), 100 x 200 cm (at building facades or on masts) and 150 x 300 cm
  • the service life of the flag depends on its location and proper care – it can vary from a few months to several years
  • in order to extend the life of the flag, in strong winds (more than 25 m/s) and rain, it is recommended to lower it to half-mast or, even better, to remove it altogether

Also, specific dimensions are recommended for flags, depending on the height of the mast, so that they can be seen better:

  • 6, 7, 8 meters – 200 x 100 cm
  • 9 meters – 240 x 120 cm
  • 10 meters – 280 x 140 cm
  • 12 meters – 300 x 150 cm

flag printing and production with enivo

enivo has constant experience in the execution of various flag design, printing and production projects since 2007. What are Your benefits:

  • well-thought-out design – Your flag design will be developed by professional designers with many years of experience
  • personal project manager – each of Your flag projects will be successfully executed from A to Z
  • quality – we use only the highest quality materials, threads, sewing and printing technologies
  • cost-effectiveness – when printing multiple flag designs, the price per unit will be lower than when printing just one design
  • efficiency – making design changes will be easy, because flag design files are made in a way, which makes this process very simple
  • variety – You have access to a wide range of flag models, materials, print and post production technologies
  • individual approach – we will consult and offer only the most suitable solutions for Your flag project
  • long-term planning – we never delete project files. You will always be able to conveniently place and approve new order quickly
  • free delivery – to your doorstep in the whole of Latvia, or paid delivery anywhere else

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On working days from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m

Address: Pērnavas iela 42, Rīga, LV-1009, Latvia
(easy entrance to the parking lot from Vārnu iela 22)

Phone: +371 67 278 992, +371 20 159 890

E-mail: enivo@enivo.eu

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