Customer story

This is unthinkable! We were approached by a client with a disastrous experience in a Latvian advertising agency.

The client asked the agency a very important question. The answer will make you sit up. “Calendar errors are acceptable! Errors tend to be with name days, holidays and days to be celebrated, but the customer also takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the calendar. We seem to get away with it, but in any case a name day can go off somewhere. It is impossible to be completely accurate, especially when the country changes its public holidays. One year, the calendar was printed with 30 errors. Even if 30 people go through the layout, there will still be a mistake!” Dear customers, an accurate calendar is not a utopia! Ask your calendar manufacturer directly:

“Do you guarantee an error-free calendar?”

Calendar errors are unacceptable! enivo guarantees error-free calendars! No compromises!