enivo Continues to Work

Information for customers

We inform you that despite the emergency situation and various restrictions related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, enivo continues its work. Of course, following various protective measures to protect employees and customers. Some of the methods we use in this crisis situation are working remotely from home, moving client visits online, using a work car instead of public transport and thus helping several colleagues get to work at the same time, not going to public restaurants during lunch breaks and, of course, personal hygiene.

The order of project applications, execution and payments has been kept as usual – project applications are submitted electronically or by phone. We deliver the printed product to the required address using courier services, and we also offer various virtual solutions as an alternative.

In case of any questions or uncertainties, please contact us by phone:

+371 67 278 992 or e-mail: poligrafija@poligrafija.lv.

We invite you to behave responsibly in times of crisis! We must be united at the moment, we are open to help each other – we will find a solution both to achieve the goal and also adjust the price according to the situation. Call, write – we will find solutions and work! Those who do not give up win!


SIA “enivo” team