Steps in Fresh Air

The new ventilation/air-conditioning system in the enivo office is completed and put into operation.

At enivo, our employees are our greatest asset. Taking care of our working conditions, the management decided to invest more than 22’000 EUR in the well-being and health of our employees!

Recently, a new ventilation/air conditioning system was completed and put into operation in our lovely office.

It is a TOPVEX air handling system from leading Swedish manufacturer SystemAir and a Premium Heavy Industries air conditioning system from Japanese industrial equipment manufacturer MITSUBISHI. The modern control system automatically maintains the required fresh air flow, pressure and temperature. All rooms now have fresh, filtered (dust-free!) and conditioned air!

Importantly, the air handling system uses the heat energy of the outgoing air to warm the cold incoming fresh (outdoor) air. This significantly reduces the energy consumption for heating the air during high weather. This investment is therefore very environmentally friendly.

The air conditioning units are also among the most efficient in the world, with an efficiency of almost 4.5 times the amount of electricity consumed, due to the use of innovative inverter technology.

To reduce the chance of catching a cold, the indoor air conditioning modules feature 3D airflow – the air is evenly mixed throughout the room without causing people to suffer from runny noses and sore throats.

Now we can take safe steps in the fresh air of our office every day!